Congratulations on your pregnancy!

What a wonder and privilege it is to give life and we are grateful that you have chosen to make Mom2B® a part of your journey. Every movement made by your little one is a subtle reminder of the amazing miracle within you. The emotional highs and lows of pregnancy can be overwhelming but when your baby is born – it will be the greatest celebration! We are sure the Mom2B® Range can assist to make this experience even more memorable. Enjoy your stay with us here at Mom2B® and remember to enjoy every second.

Best wishes for your pregnancy and beyond…

With love,
Mom2B® – Pregnancy supplements for the Mom-to-be

Put you and your baby first with the Mom2B® Range!

Mom2B® Pregnancy Shake provides advanced nutritional support to expectant moms and their babies. This yummy shake is very high in folic acid, high in fibre as packed and low in total fat. In addition, it contains a wide spectrum of vitamins and minerals that are essential for the general well-being of the mother.

Introducing our 3 Mom2B® Pregnancy Shakes 

mom2be shake choc delight

Dear Mom2B®

Congratulations on your pregnancy! As you embark on this wonderful journey, we at Mom2B® would like to show you how much we support and appreciate you during this time. Here is a R10 off voucher from us to you so you can enjoy the selection of our yummy Mom2B® Pregnancy Shakes. This voucher is redeemable at selected pharmacies, Dis-Chem and Checkers MediRite.


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