Breastfeeding Guidelines:

    1. M2B-Breastfeeding-Tear-Off-Sheet-A5-BBG---2015Breasts and nipples can be prepared for breastfeeding during the last couple of weeks before birth, by rubbing a rough textured towel over them to desensitise nipples.
    2. Rinse breasts at least twice a day without soap and dry them carefully after feeds, air them as much as possible to keep them dry.
    3. Use something to stop leaking but not waterproofed pads which exclude air.
    4. Plain lanolin cream rubbed in twice daily helps replace the natural oils and keeps nipples supple.
    5. Don’t let your baby suck too long on one side till nipples have toughened up to the task.
    6. Make sure you are on a well-balanced diet. Mom2B® Pregnancy Shake is the ideal meal replacement or supplement while breastfeeding.
    7. Drink plenty of water and limit caffeine intake.
    8. Keep taking your vitamin supplement like Mom2B® Pregnancy Combo Pack (contains vitamins, minerals & essential fatty acids).
    9. Breastfeeding Super foods: Oatmeal, Almonds, Apricots, Salmon, Yoghurt, Spinach, Dates, Sesame seeds, Brown rice and try to avoid: Garlic, Chocolate, Spicy foods, too much fruit and vegetables. Please consult your HCP for more details.
    10. Create a calm, warm and cosy breastfeeding spot for everyday feeding and comfort your baby. Gazing into their eyes can also create a strong bond.
    11. Have a glass of water close by BEFORE you start breastfeeding, as you get very thirsty while feeding.

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