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So, you just found out you are pregnant? Congratulations. What a wonder and privilege it is to give life. This is an exciting time for any new mommy, and we are pretty sure you cannot wait to share the amazing news with your loved ones.

Speaking about thrilling news, have you figured out how you are going to break the news about your little bundle of joy to your friends and family? No? Well, all we know is that it doesn’t have to be boring, you can add a creative element to the announcement, make it’s a show! That is why we have put together two cool ways we think you could use to announce your pregnancy, we hope this helps!

Photoshoot anyone?
Who doesn’t like posing for a photo? If you are looking for a simple and less cost-effective way to announce your pregnancy, this is the way to go. Have your family or you and your husband pose for a picture showing mom, dad, along with an adorable pair of baby shoes. How adorable is that?

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Go the creative route…
If you are known for being the creative one in the family then these ideas will be right up your alley. Visit your local bakery or better yet the bakery side of your local supermarket and purchase a few buns. Put the buns in a cute little box and have the following phrase printed inside the box “Bun in The Oven”. Not only will your family receive a delicious treat, but they will also receive the good news! If this seems like a bit too much admin, instead of sending them freshly baked buns, you can have the same message or a different message printed on a few t-shirts and send them to your loved ones!

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The ideas are nearly endless for how to make these pregnancy announcements fun and unique. We have given you the ones we think will make your announcement a memorable one, but all moms are different and some might want to keep it simple and send an SMS, either way, this is an exciting time and we hope that our suggestions come in handy.

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