Your Ultimate 1st Trimester Checklist

So you’ve recently found out that you are pregnant. Congratulations! In those rare moments when you’re not on cloud nine, you may wonder what you need to do next. The initial weeks of pregnancy are the most consuming because everything is new, exciting, and a bit overwhelming. We have put together this guide and some resources to help ease you into this new phase of your life and prepare for having a little one around. 

Start With The Pregnancy Basics 

The first trimester is roughly 13 weeks long and usually calculated from the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP). You can use our Due Date Calculator  to get a quick estimate or your healthcare provider can tell you. 

It will be important to find a doctor or midwife that you feel comfortable with if you haven’t done so yet. Once you’ve found someone suitable, schedule your first prenatal appointment around 8 weeks, to ensure your pregnancy gets off to a healthy start.  

Prepping To Meet Baby 

Preparing for a baby can be a lot to handle, but with the right help and resources, you can stay informed and put your mind at ease. Here are all the things we recommend doing in the first trimester: 

Week 4-8  

⃝    Announce good news to partner. 

⃝    Quit smoking, and focus on having a healthy diet and lifestyle. 

⃝    Start taking prenatal Vitamins & Mom2B® pregnancy shakes. 

⃝    Find an OBGYN or Midwife. 

⃝    Book your first antenatal appointment (around 8 weeks). 

⃝    Check your medications (and lifestyle) 

⃝    Buy some new clothes, including supportive bras. 

⃝    Check your health insurance 

⃝    Start saving for your baby budget 

⃝    Eat enough calories (about 300 calories more than normal). 

⃝    Stock up on healthy foods and eat a balanced diet 

⃝    Buy a journal or memory book to record your milestones, symptoms, and questions for the next nine months. 

⃝    Discuss recommended prenatal tests with your doctor. 

⃝    Try to exercise for 30 minutes daily 

⃝    Book your antenatal classes 

Week 9-13 

⃝    Look at your household cleaners and swap in eco-friendly ones for any toxic ones. 

⃝    Review your company’s parental leave policy. 

⃝    Start a baby registry. 

⃝    Take pregnancy power naps (while you still can!). 

⃝    Get a pregnancy journal for memories. 

⃝    Schedule your CVS test (between 10 and 13 weeks) and/or your nuchal translucency scan (between 11 and 14 weeks), if you’re getting either of them. 

⃝    Listen to the baby’s heartbeat with a Doppler at your doctor’s appointment, if possible. 

⃝    Decide how and when you’ll share your good news with your work and any friends or family who don’t know yet. 

⃝    Plan babymoon or date nights. 

⃝    Buy a pregnancy pillow for sleeping. 

⃝    Begin thinking about baby names. 

⃝    Start sleeping on your side. 

⃝    Research paediatricians. 

⃝    Eat smaller meals more frequently to stave off heartburn. 

The 1st Trimester Highlights  

⃝    Between 9 to 12 weeks, you can hear your baby’s heartbeat during your prenatal visit. 

⃝    Around your week 12 ultrasound, your doctor will be able to spot extra babies, if you’re having multiples. 

⃝    By week 13 your bump might start to show and you might feel the ligaments stretching in your tummy and groin. 

Now that most of the important things have been taken care of and you can breathe again, this is a nice time to do all the fun stuff! Like, start planning the nursery of your Pinterest dreams, go on date nights or babymoon and spend some quality time with your partner. If you start feeling overwhelmed by all the planning, relax and remember – it is not a sprint, it is a marathon. Once your baby arrives, a little R&R will be hard to come by, so enjoy it while you can! 

Disclaimer: Remember, if you are ever unsure of anything please seek the advice of a healthcare practitioner.  


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