First trimester: Happy much, worry much…

Four new moms-to-be, loosely connected to each other, find they share similar emotional and physical highs and lows and take comfort from each other’s experiences.

The news! Confirmation of a longed-for pregnancy released an overwhelming flood of excitement, elation, and ongoing happiness. But… after the first few days, doubts and unfounded fears sneaked in. Are we ready to have a baby? Is my body ready for a baby? Will the baby be alright?

When to share the news with family and friends was a big decision. What if we tell everyone early and something happens to the baby? There were amusing incidents as we tried to keep lifestyle changes under cover in social situations. Immediately changed diets like no alcohol, under-done steaks or sushi were vaguely explained. Eventually, we realised that loving support from the family would be welcome if something out of the ordinary happened and shared at an earlier rather than a later stage. It was a relief to all once the pregnancy had moved out of the early danger zone.

Hello, exhaustion and nausea!

The mom-to-be of twins recalls sleeping through a 10-day holiday and giving up previously loved freshly brewed coffee because the smell was so nauseating. One mom had no morning sickness at all, but for two others it lasted into the second trimester. For one, throwing up was intense but confined to mornings, while another didn’t have too many upsets but felt nauseous and fragile all day. All felt repelled by big meals so tended to eat five small meals instead of three bigger ones. Putting feet up at the end of the day was essential!

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