Nausea and cravings during pregnancy

Nausea or early morning vomiting is often the first hint that a first-time mom-to-be gets that she is pregnant. She may find it very uncomfortable or worry that her baby is at risk, but her doctor will reassure her that this is normal in early pregnancy and is caused by hormonal changes which usually disappear around the 14th week. Around half of pregnant women experience nausea and vomiting; around three in 10 women have nausea without throwing up. The doctor will, however, monitor her to check that this morning sickness, as it is often called, is not too severe.

Symptoms are individual to each woman and each pregnancy. Some women have an increased desire to eat through morning sickness, while others can’t face even the thought or smell of food. A few tried and tested lifestyle changes often help during these early days:

•If you feel sick in the morning, and it does often seem worse first thing, get up slowly and only after eating a piece of dry toast or a biscuit with a cup of tea.
•Don’t stop eating, but eat frequent small meals that are low in fat. Savory food is better than sweet or highly spicy, and toast, crackers, and crispbread are a good choice. Cold meals are often better than hot ones because they don’t give off a food smell like hot meals do. Consider the Mom2B® Pregnancy Shake which is a great meal replacement or a quick snack and can be taken twice a day.
•Ginger helps the body to keep nausea at bay so think of sipping ginger tea, chew a small piece of fresh ginger root at least once a day, or choose a pregnancy supplement that contains ginger, like Mom2B® Pregnancy Supplement.
•Keep up liquid levels between meals by sipping small amounts of water or herbal teas often. Avoid very cold, sweet or fizzy drinks. It is important to stay hydrated, especially if there is any throwing up.
•Stay away from fats and fatty foods as often only the smell of something fatty can cause nausea. It is a big help if someone else can cook, but if that’s not possible, go for bland, non-greasy foods like baked potatoes or pasta which are simple and easy to prepare.
•Try to get plenty of rest because tiredness can make nausea worse.
•Keep yourself busy and distracted because nausea can get worse the more you think about it.
•Wear comfortable clothes without tight waistbands.
•A Mom2B® Pregnancy Shake in the morning offers a simple tasty alternative to a big breakfast and can be taken with a Mom2B® Pregnancy Supplement with added ginger root extract for anti-nausea support.
•Take a Mom2B® Omega supplement at night if you cannot face taking it in the morning.

While food cravings affect everyone at some stage, they are particularly associated with pregnant women. Stories of partners rushing out into the night to track down a particular flavour of ice cream have become the stuff of legend. Where possible substitute something healthy like a banana or apple instead of eating chocolates or sweets things. If the craving is for something savoury, try avocado with salt, a few olives or a baked potato with herbal or salt sprinkled over it. If mom-to-be is eating a wide variety of healthy foods like fruit and vegetables and taking a good pregnancy supplement, a sudden liking for a particular type of food is not a problem. If however she suddenly craves something unusual like soil or coal it could be a subconscious desire to source a nutrient deficiency like iron, and in that case, it is important to correct any anemia or vitamin deficiency.

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