Third trimester: sure to get the best advice

During the third-trimester pregnancy hormones kicked in and all became very emotional about everything. They were generally overwhelmed and felt they are not ready. The fears are back. What if the baby comes early? Will I be able to breastfeed? Have I maintained the right nutrition throughout my pregnancy?

On the upside, excitement is building about meeting these little babies. One mom said it’s like being engaged, as this precious stage of the parent-baby relationship will never be repeated.  Decisions about when to have a stork party differed depending on cultural backgrounds or whether sharing the gender was important.

Physically there were a lot of changes as babies were growing fast. Moms realised that being feminine and beautiful are not part of this stage of pregnancy! They felt heavy, and hormonal changes caused gas and snoring. With exhaustion, discomfort, lack of a good night’s sleep and frequent visits to the loo, it’s hard to keep up appearances.  They are also having to eat smaller meals more regularly again as babies pressed against their tummies.

Suddenly there was a lot of pressure on mom to “do the right thing” which turned out to be the same thing that the advice-givers experienced. They found themselves being judged without their special circumstances being known or considered. A cesarean section instead of natural birth?

Disposables instead of cloth nappies? Ruining the planet! Bottle feeding instead of the breast? Well!!!  Instead of being uplifting and supportive, people seemed not to think twice about relating horror stories or giving unsolicited advice. Two moms felt uncertain and bothered, the other two found it useful to be vague when questioned or say firmly, this is what we have decided. To share names or not? The couples chose to keep them secret because it was so controversial. Perhaps when the names are on a birth certificate, strong opinions will cease?

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